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Thank you for sharing Mr. Swedien. These amazing stories will go beyond anything most of us will ever experience. I can only imagine that you've probably woken up some days and thanked your lucky stars, although I'm sure nothing came to you without the hard work and dedication.

My favorite of all and most heartfelt is your love and respect for Bea and her's for you. She sounds like a dream come true and she's certainly made a huge impact in your life.

I agree.

I assume that the investment you make with your time and headspace to reach the point you have reached would be hard for alot of relationships to take. I have my own experiences with this, but that's another story.

IMHO you are not only blessed with the talent you clearly have, but with a partner who understands and encourages it.

Thanks for your candid post, it's not often someone in your position is so open with these things.