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Has anyone here ever used a real pultec eq?
Yea Plenty. Some great. Some terrible. Some...meh...All wildly different. Good luck finding a pair of vintage units that sound the same. I am sure I've heard a few busted ones, that got the sandpaper glove from a weak tech.

I've been messing around with PSP Nobleq which i like but now i'm wondering how much of a difference there is between the plugin and real hardware. Does the difference in sound correlate with the astronomical price difference? If so, I might need to start saving.
Yup, I'm still saving! I need a rack full of just passive tube EQ's. These EQ's are like audio engineer steroids. It is as much difference -- as there is land between California and Boston. Real nice passive Tube/Transformer EQ's sound incredible to me. They have harmonic weight, depth and organic, natural blending ability.

anyone with first hand experience with the real thing AND plugins care to chime in?
I use the stuff in cartoon corner. Meh..
I patch this here RETRO 2A3 I got in front of me, and WOW
sounds like something real!! The difference between the plug in and the real thing is pointless,
I use both, where they are useful, and not try and over think it all, or let any differences get in my way...