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Giving my feedback..

They made a little mess with the routing.. it's OK, but could be easier and more flexible with a simple A/B matrix instead of this configuration (you can route only groups of 8 channels).

Snake boards are also well built and quite easy to use..
The "8 channel block" is really only an issue when using the S16 digital snake boxes. If you are plugging in all your sources directly into the mixer itself, then the 8 block thing is irrelevant. Where it comes into play is when using the stage boxes.

Using a combination of local and S16 inputs, you have to pay attention to the routing and maximize your use of the connections. For example, if you have 8 microphones that you want to plug into the S16, if you put 4 on inputs 1-4 and the other four on inputs 12-16 you will effectively use up 16 channels of inputs, even if they are not active. So setup your inputs within the 8 block banks and you will minimize the wasted channels. In the example plug in all 8 mics 1-8, or 9-16.

In our setup, we have 2 x S16 on stage. We use 3 of the 4 available banks of 8, and we use local 1-8 for our wireless mics.

Hope that makes sense.