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I think it's perfect for this day and age.

Small footprint, less than $250K ( heh ) 16 ins, enough to record bed tracks of a rock band live off the floor, & CR section. Then you can stem from your DAW 16 busses and use the analog EQ, pre fader inserts, external summing, zero latency etc.

Sounds especially relevant today.
Or you could take that money and buy a large to medium format used console that has enough channels to be useful. I think its pretty pointless, from a mixing standpoint, to have 8 stereo busses with some analog eq. I'd rather just mix in protools. I mean, honestly, if you track something well, you can get a pretty solid sounding mix in PT even without somekind of "summing solution."

The reason I still use a console is more for workflow. I like being able to see all the options at once. A 16 channel console for $50k is kind of silly, in my opinion. Its like buying half a Porsche to say that you have the "Porsche Vibe" in your garage.