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I think I´ve got it.

There are 3 relay card slots under the desk but only 2 cards installed... Looking at the diagram under the desk there are supposed to be 2 "RELAY 5/1A" cards and 1 "RELAY 4/2A" card installed but there is 1 "5/1" and 1 "3/1" card insted.

I was going through the manual and these are the relays that switch between the monitor input sources.

Looks like I have to go for a hunt... Damn.

EDIT:It seems I´m also missing the monitor amplifier card. This is the last circuit the signal goes through before hitting the CR out connectors in the back.

Could I bypass tha Monitor amp card and just hard wire the output of the CR unit to the CR output Connector? It´s already balanced so I thought why not just bypass the card position alltogether...