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Make the best recordings that you can....

Just don't expect to make a living doing it. ( with out doing other stuff too.)

I'm super encouraged by the way things are going, from a musical standpoint. I think the way the internet and affordable technology has brought the world together, and allowed muso's to share and learn about styles/artists in the ultra- burbs has made discovering music a new lifestyle. How that get's monetized----who know's.

Art and making a living have always been at odds- so best to have many irons in the fire.

just about every muso/producer type that I know is doing multiple "art" related stuff to pay the bills, be it dabbling in a little web design, industrial/corporate stuff, investing in real estate-

the last really tough time for me was in 84-85 when the Linn hit big and demo work died.... I adapted, and bought a Linn--- kept me eating through the 80's early 90's till we swung back to players.

I think the biggest hurdle is how people will " consume" their media- digital downloading is here to stay, it's just how will that play out.

A couple of good books that touch on the subject: