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Old 7th April 2013
Here for the gear
I purchased this device and I must say, it has been an unpleasant experience using it with an iPad. I struggle with two problems constantly. The most annoying is that the output signal is delayed, significantly. If you fiddle with it you might get it to work properly, but out of the box, one cannot use it to add tracks that sync to existing audio. This video shows how out of sync the meters are. I am using MultiTrack DAW, but one can reproduce it with GarageBand.

Another issue has to do with switching sampling rates, which it doesn't do very well either. In this video you can see how easy it is to make a sine wave sound horrible.

Not much luck with Apogee support so far. For those of you who feel let down by Apogee releasing this device so quickly after the Duet 2, FWIW, I would say you're not missing much. It doesn't seem to be quite ready.