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CR output does not work.
See my last post:
"...Since all the outputs actually work(except the CR out of course)..."
Hi Tomi,
Are you sure the module is getting all of its power supply voltages? I have docs for a 963 and I see that on its CR card, there are three PTC self re-setting fuses that the +/-15v and 6v supply go through to get on the card. IF there is a short on the card on any of those voltages (if your desk has similar circuitry) the fuse will go open...and sometimes they just go bad. So, you should take the module out and see where the power comes in. If it goes through PTC's, you should measure across each one with your DMM and see if they show continuity or a few ohms resistance. Alternately, if you have an extender board, or you can pull some adjacent modules so you can access the CR module, you can try and take some voltage readings and see if you are getting power on to that module when it is in the desk and powered on.
It would be helpful if you can post a schematic and / or a picture of the module.