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Thanks for the reply Ike!

The meters aren't connected as I haven't found a pinout for the meters yet but I can tell that the signal is healthy out of busses 1-4 since the output from behind the console is ok. As are AUX1-4.
Actually busses 1 and 2 are split into 4 different outputs that all work and I think this is done by the cards under the console. Busses 3 and 4 both have one balanced output. Also there is mono 1+2 output that I haven't checked yet.
I think I checked the AUX outputs(I think...) as well and they were ok.

Pretty much all of the connectors are siemens type, I'm planning to hard wire XLR inputs for mics and outputs for the busses and auxes.

Since all the outputs actually work(except the CR out of course), and all the busses are outputting a healthy signal I can't stop thinking it has to be in the input of the CR unit(mainly the source selector).
The unit has source selector for 15 different inputs that you can select from. Anything from master busses to external sources. There's a also a PFL override, when you solo a channel and have "TO MONITOR" switch on in the studio/PFL unit, the CR unit is fed the PFL signal.

And no matter which source I have selected(haven't tried the external ones yet) theres no signal.

Oh well, tomorrow we shall continue...