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Old 3rd April 2013
Here for the gear

I power my MCI up and down each day rather than leaving it on all the time. Drinks way less power and cooks the caps way less. I completely recapped the console a year and a half ago with good Panasonic caps so not too worried there, but as it was a big job, I don't want to cook them any more than I have to ;-) My MCI doesn't draw as much power as I presume an SSL would what with simpler circuits, fewer components to power--each of the two supplies pulls maybe 4amps depending--so it's not a direct comparison, but the studio is on a flat rate budget utility billing plan so going to a large format console and analog machines didn't make a huge difference in the bill; our biggest cost is heating in the winter, not the electricity drawn from the console and tape machines/computer. Rack gear doesn't draw tons of power. The dehumidifier in the basement probably costs more to run than the console does since I keep the console powered down overnight.

So, definitely cheaper (and kinder to the enviro) to power down overnight, and cooks the internals (electrolytic caps in particular) a lot less. The main worry at least with my console's PSUs, being that there isn't a soft start, is stressing the bridge recs and neighboring stuff in the PSUs at power-on. As for PSU heat buildup, it's more important to keep them clean and making the sure the fans are running properly so the supplies are venting well, and keeping them in a ventilated area so they're not stewing in their own heat.