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Capacitors dry out mostly because of heat, not because of switching the console on and off. They'll probably dry out sooner if the console is running 24/7 than if it's running 50 hours per week.
Of course thermal shock isn't a good thing, but if you keep your room temperature reasonably low and constant, this shouldn't be much of a problem.
I usually switch of my console if I wont be using it for at least 8 hours, sometimes I leave it on for 2-3 days, maybe a week. I don't have any major problems with it.

You most likely don't need an AC for the machine room. Unless the the outside temperature often exceeds 30°C, you can use a simple ventilation system.

You still need the AC for the control room and you have to know that every console will require some maintenance at some point. Most things are easy/cheap to repair if you know at least some basics about electronics, but if you have to call a tech to repair every minor fault, it can become quite expensive.