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There has been so many arguments on this site about this.. After working on hundreds of consoles, and owning a few, to this day I have to say that my current desk is almost at the top of the list for how much electricity it takes and how hot the PSU's get "there are SEVEN PSU's". The bottom line is it may be best to keep the desk running 24/7, but in the past year, I have found that if I power off my A and B supply "powering down the buckets/ modules" every night, the difference I save in my electric bill makes replacing a cap here and there or minor tech work look like cracker jacks.

I should also add that My PSU's are not in an air conditioned room. I have a industrial "fart fan" up top sucking all the hot air out. The room has seven large PSU's and is 8ft tall and 3ft by 3ft. In all these years I have not had a single problem and the room has not gone over 90 degrees.