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If you are saying I can buy one of these PSUs for like €3000 to power a 40 channel console, and the energy saving is like 40% AND there's no need for special aircon AND I can turn it off every day, you would be saving every SSL owner in Germany, or elsewhere electricity is expensive, around €10,000 a year.
While I have no doubt a more efficient PS can be made, the power consumed by the desk won't go down, nor will the heat dumped into the room by the console... Physic's prevails!

Many desks were left on because things tend to blow on power up or power down if weak... like FET's in my old Neotek in the early eighties. Since I don't work everyday, all day, anymore- I power down when not in use, but power up an hour or two before any serious use, so things are warm and toasty and settled in. Many electronics' sound better to me when at operating temp. Tubes more so, but SS as well.