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Main reason people left console on were because they were built for "on air" broadcasts. On the air 24/7.

My Neve BCM10 didn't even have an on off switch, everything was buffered so you could pull any modules while the console was live (same with my Edyne and Langevin boards... everything is buffered).

If something "went down" in the old days you couldn't just stop the broadcast to repair the board.

Also back in the early days of recording studio pretty much ran 24/7.

Hence that philosophy was born out of that era...

Neve didn't start fitting on/off switches until they started to manufacture their own power supplies. Your BCM10 and hundreds of other consoles used Coutant off-the-shelf linear power supplies.

Your comment about on-air consoles is only partially true as the majority of consoles were music studio types.

I would personally recommend leaving consoles on all the time but it's up to the individual to make the choice.

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