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What have your repair bills been like?
The usual... never a failure because of turning the consoles on and off I assure you.

Mainly if a cap dried out because of age... but in all that time (Over 30 years) I probably spent 2K in repairs over the life of all those console.

I spent more to modify them usually (direct outs, adding compressors, racking modules and the like)... oh and on bulbs for the old girls... they are actually Chicago mini bulbs in the old Edynes and such and they burn out just like light bulbs... luckily they made it easy to access all lights back then (and they still make the bulbs today!).

Now that I think about it maybe turning them on and off cause the light bulbs to blow more than usual but in the last 10 years I've replaced about 8 or 9 bulbs on the Electrodyne ACC1204... so that cost me about a $3.80... ouch!