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Is Bruce just a 'big kid'?!

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When we did the re-issues of "Off-The-Wall" and "Thriller" I was present at the mastering sessions with my old pal Bernie Grundman. The re-issue masters were made with my original mixes from the origiinal 1/2" master tapes. I think they sound rather good...

Isn't it amazing how people like to take "POT SHOTS" at Michael, and our music as well???

I do think the re-issue CD's reflect what I had in mind originally with my mixes better than the original releases on 12 inch vinyl....

Bruce Swedien

I like how you think differently than the average engineer in a lot of ways. I bet most people here crapped their pants when they read this thread, since they think vinyl is the greatest thing and that CDs are crappy.

In regard to "Thriller", are you referring to the 2001 remastering? I hope so, because that is the one I bought. If so, what did Bernie use to clip the songs and how much clipping was used? ( I should have bought the older CD to compare also). I mean you love to mix the drums hot like me and they still sit above everything, but there is significant clipping even on the drum intro to "Billie Jean". I am curious as to why the clipping is necessary to present your mixes in their best form on CD - I know that elsewhere you speak out against compression. If this is the wrong version, let me know and disregard the above questions.

How was the album transferred to CD the first time? That would be the 1990 version? Are there any other CD versions (not counting SACD, etc.) besides those two?

I thought it would be good to own a reference CD where the engineer that worked on it said it was true to his mixes. Many CDs of older material do not sound much like they were intended to, especially ones made in the earlier days of CDs, and I don't own a good system for playing back vinyl. So I picked this CD up after reading your post. I don't really care for the music too much and still can't figure out why the album was so popular, but your mixes are good.