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Here's some blurb from his forum with the lowdown..

Ok guys, the unit has been tested on a 32ch 4K E desk here in Detroit, with great success!
It LOWERED the noise floor by 7.87dBu (20hz to 80khz) and power consumption about 40%
This version does use fans but they are very quiet compared to the original, It has 3 digital
meters with trim a pot underneath them to make calibration fun instead of the safety hazard of
the old supply. The unit also has 2 output bics and It should be able to power a 56ch desk no
problem (it's rated to operate up to 25 amp, a 48ch uses 14amps) you can also turn it on and
off as much as you like without powering up the buckets one at a time. We can make a unit to
power a 96ch desk for $4500. I will warranty the unit for 2 years and the modules are user
replaceable at $400 for the audio rails and $200 for logic. The price for the base unit is $3200
and $3400 for the plasma version. We are now taking pre-orders for the first 10 at $2900 these
units will be delivered in march. pics coming soon. you will be able to read about this units travel
and torture test in Nashville in TapeOp via F. Ried Shippen. Be well. [email protected]