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Mr. Swedien,

Realizing there are many variables that will change this per project - but on average how much time do you spend on an entire mix of one song? And, if you are able to give averages for time spent on the break down of a mix...i.e. time spent on the vocal, the rhythm section, etc.

I think we all realize that since you are dealing with incredible musician's, the top of the line equipment and rooms, your time of dialing in a mix will be much different than most of ours but I was just curious.

And, on a side note, I feel that I am speaking for all of us Gearslutz's - you are a world class engineer and your contribution to this craft is immeasurable, and you seem to be just a down right nice guy! Thanks for taking your precious time to share your experiences with us all.


Cary King

Sorry, but I have to give you my standsrd answer to the question--------->On average how much time do you spend on an entire mix of one song?---------------->Brucie's standard answer to that question--------------->"UNTIL IT'S DONE!!!" I will also add, "It's much easier to be done.... than to be satisfied!!!"

Bruce Swedien