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Old 31st March 2013
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vintage consoles and power supplies / powering down / cooling

Hi all,

I'm at the stage where I am in the position of buying a decent console for my studio and upgrading substantially. Having worked a lot on various SSL 4K consoles in the past, and falling in love with them, it would be nice to get one. Buying one is absolutely not a problem as they are "cheap as chips". The problem is exclusively running costs which makes the difference between being able to afford paying back the loan within two years to, no chance at all, complete insanity!!!!

I'm not electronics expert but running costs are high because:

1. you need AC in the machine room.... however, why could I not a) simply buy a modern PSU that runs cooler or b) mod either the old or new PSU to radiantly cool by building in thermal conduction bars through the wall and maybe welding a large metal plate to the outside wall in the shade.... surely this would provide enough passive thermal cooling to cool a jumbo jet? Has anyone tried this?

2. The desk draws a lot of power.... shouldn't a new PSU improve efficiency slightly?

3. It must stay on 24/7 otherwise the caps dry out and everything dies - I've heard from various sources that this is not the case. Some people powering on at the start of each day without any issues. Would it be possible to design a "gentle start" / "gentle off" PSU.

Surely if this is going to save people the cost of the desk each year in electricity, there's going to be a gap in the market for modern PSUs for vintage desks....?!?!

Any thoughts?