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Heerlijk helder Heineken


.. very funny!

What about this:

I had a wonderful teacher during my studies in the Netherlands, called Gerald Hali. He was the former Head of Recording at EMI Classic, Netherlands, and gave us lessons in tape editing.

Gerald was one of a kind. He was about Bruces age and - like him - full of funny anecdotes and profound technical knowlage. I loved that man!!
His way of teaching was less by the book, but sharing his immense experience from the early days of Stereo up to modern recording. He had so much to tell and was eager to pass his wisdom to the young generation. This forum reminds me very much to him.

One day, we had to cut out about 50 clicks and other artifacts out of an advertising-jingle vor the Heineken brewery, that he has been recording in the early Sixties: "Heerlijk helder Heineken.. heerlijk (delicious, wonderful) helder (bright) Heineken.. heerlijk helder Heineken.. badu badu..." It was just gorgeous.

Gerald was super critical and some of my student-fellows were a bit put off, because they didn't see such a use in dealing with clumsy 1/4" tape while at the same time beeing able to record and edit "flawless" digitaly. But it wasn't about mere technique at all; Gerald wanted to 'open' ears for tiny nuances in the audio and in the musical flow, that ocur, when the cuts are not set really precise.

Well, I'm still very lucky and proud that I was able to take so much from his courses and I think the older generation of Recording-Professionals really deserves some credit. I've NEVER met a modern "electrical" engineer with a higher spirit towards the recording process, and his - off scedule - microphoneing tips still sound in my ears ("Take two B & K 4006 for Steinway.. here is how you do it.. Heeeerlijk!!").

I don't think, that this little story has anything to do with the subject and I hope it will not get 'censored'. But, due to that nice coincidence with Boosh's box, I felt simply I had to write this.

Boris Baargeld