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Old 22nd September 2006
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Damn Bruce you are so right, no Compressor

Last Night

i recorded a Band without any compresson.

in the beginning it was really tricky to find a way to control the dynamic, because
most clients off me are not very proffesionel like michael jackson and they
can`t really control their dynamic.

so i changed my workflow. everytime they lost there dynamic range i stoped the recording and started at this point.

after i finished equing ( sorry for that ) , i noticed the much more from this mix. it is absolutly impressing.

in the end i needed much less time for the hole work, because there was any harshness in the highend for equing.

my best sounding album was my first album and i didn`t know why ?!
i had no money for a compressor

thank you bruce, to go back to the roots .