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Somehow I dont think the Digi stuff will be that much better than Lavry Gold converters... you CANNOT accurately gauge a sound by listening to a way, no how, nowhere.!

"i tried is no protools" is an interface, one is a DAW..

get your hands on a converter..beg borrow or steal, and LISTEN IN PERSON. DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON A CD...!!!If you DO base your decision off of a damned CD, you deserve whatever comes to you.

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I tired emu, it is no pro tools.

I tried Lavry Blue, but it didnt make my m149 that i bought sound like a website's sample recording of it at all, and i have a decent pre.

so, I bought an AD converter cd from, and pro tools is so much more round, open, clear, musical, dynamicly emotional...then lavry GOLD!

It also has that 'professional' quality that the mp3 file of the m149 i heard had.

But, do i have to spend 15,000 on pro tools to get the sound of the $3995.00 Digidesign HD 192?

Can the pro tools converter, via spdif, work on any ol soundcard?