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Lol thanks for the kind words, why all the tantalum disdain there seems to be conflicting information one school of thought says they're great to use especially in an application such as this, while the other says they're absolutely terrible and stay away from them? would love to get upto speed on this; I also assume you're not a 1073 fan then or not familiar with it? the caps used here are caps that were tantalum's in the original 1073 build (remember this unit is supposed to be a clone) the output transformer may have the least effect of the two however it does change the sound definitely, the input transformer does have the largest impact however, not sure what you're getting at here?

Zen Pro Mods use tantalums too:

"Yes, you can argue that different capacitor materials have a sound. Dave Hill of Crane Song once told me a story about replacing the tantalum caps in an old Neve module. Apparently, the non-tantalum replacements changed the sound of the module. Dave's research determined that tantalum caps contributed more even-order harmonic distortion, not as clean—but pleasing."