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how awsome is that picture! where’s mr neve though cant find him on that pic.

> For starters, both Marinair and St Ives made the Octal based transformers and I have seen both in vintage modules.

thats fantastic info, your wealth of knowledge is appreciated, as always!

so let me rephrase: from a collector's point of view the roundcans are rarer and thus in the long run they might prove to be definately worth the investment. besides sounding wonderful, that is.

I expect that, living in Texas, Mr Neve has the same problems as me attending those reunions because you also can't see me there!

I do fly to the UK once a year for holidays and reunions with my family members but not in October. I do keep in touch, via emails, with several original Neve folk... two still working there and several that have left like me, years ago.