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I'll chime in since i've done it a few times.

You'll record the video while listening to your recorded track, probably played pack through a speaker in the room. As long as you and the singer can mime well to the playback, you'll have no issues. You will probably record a few takes (video, that is), so if you screw it up somewhere they'll just edit another take in, unless the idea of the video is a seamless take, than you'll have to be spot on all the way through.

Micheal, thank you for this Q&A, I'm loving it and I'm also loving your blog. Very interesting read on how to produce music and how to put feeling back into modern music, where it's been lost for a while now. It's not surprising that you were involved in quite I few records that were influential to me, like Celebrity Skin and Mechanical Animals (which I always loved and thought it sounded very different from the rest of Manson's records).