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Tony, this is an excellent observation-------->If it is important to preserve transients, why do I notice your choice of Royer ribbon mic's on Hi-hats and overheads when they have that high-end roll off<---------------Brucie answers Tony's excellent observation....

Tony, The Royer's hear and preserve all sounds, and in particular high-end and transients in a very natural way, AND I MUST ADD - in a way very similar to our own hearing.... COMPRESSORS CANNOT DO THIS!!!

One of the all-time advantages of using Ribbon microphone is that they add silkiness to the recorded sound-field because a good ribbon mike such as the Royer R-122 rolls off the higher frequencies slightly.

I'm just curious how a ribbon mic "adds" silkiness by rolling off top end? If we were to filter it using say a Shelving EQ, would we not also reduce noise?
What is this ribbon magic ??