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Old 23rd March 2013
So, what is a GOOD drummer?

I've now read your "You Fire Drummers" article (which makes it sound like 50% of all professional recordings have subbed drummers - wow). And what I own of your discography, the drums DO sound stellar. So the drummer is *super* important...

So what is a good drummer?

For instance, I'm not a trained drummer at all, but I played in a band and recorded myself for several years. I learned over time how to "play to the mics", plus lead the band. So my current conception of how to make ME sound good, is to control how hard I hit the cymbals, vs. the drums.

I also need to keep the same basic pressure EACH TIME I hit. And everything needs to hit at the same time, i.e. kick and hat, hat and snare, etc.

And in general, play with Confidence.

That's the limit of my knowledge/experience. When YOU have a guy come in, and he just KILLS it, what are the things that he consistently does (or doesn't do?) that makes him *great*? I'm talking Jazz and Rock, and anything else. What makes one guy just not quite good enough for a major label recording, even if he and his band have gotten popularity, etc?

Also, thanks for these Q&A sessions (to Michael and Gearslutz), these have been very eye-opening and interesting...