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Old 22nd March 2013
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Yes, I have used the Chandler Minimixer- it's good for some applications and is great as a bussing mixer.

As far as how the change in equipment influences workflow- it's profound, but the real question is always, "Is this way of working acceptable to me"? I feel I can bear any hardship regarding altered ergonomics or topology, as long as what's coming out the other end of the equipment in question sounds wonderful.

There is a difference between listening to music while sitting in front of a console, and listening while sitting next to a summing mixer. With the console, you have everything in front of you, sometimes you're leaning on it and can feel more connected to what you're doing - if that makes sense.

Without a console- you have a cleaner field of audio- less reflections in front of you- but the tactile relationship is missing. Both have their up/downsides.