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My favorite true stereophonic microphone techniques is “Blumlein Pair” method.....

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My unquestionably favorite true stereophonic microphone techniques is the “Blumlein Pair” method. This fantastic microphone technique was conceived in the fertile imagination of Alan Dower Blumlein. It is perhaps the best known of all single point stereo microphone techniques. Almost every engineer has at least heard of a “Blumlein Pair”, as crossed figure-of-eights (NOT cardioids as some mistakenly believe) at 90 degrees are commonly known, even though Blumlein himself patented other techniques. It incorporates two bi-directional microphones, one on top of the other to make the capsules as coincident as possible, angled at 90 degrees to each other. It is probably the most candid of all truly stereophonic microphone techniques.

You can hear this techique in action, for yourself, on the Andre Crouch choir on the song "Man In The Mirror" on Michael’s “BAD” album.

Bruce Swedien