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Originally Posted by mossie23 ➡️
Thanks, but I don't need help. I know the problems in my room very well, and know how to fix them. I've made it 50% less bad with diy treatment and let ARC do the rest. That's how far my budget & willingness to change my house goes.

It's just that some people told me the DBM50s were just like the BM5a's but better. So what I heard didn't make sense. I really tried to eliminate the possibility of the room causing bass cancellation. I've had the DBM50s at least in 6 different spots all over my house. Held my head close to them, far away from them and placed them in different ways: On the side, desktop, tilted. Everywhere I heard the same: No bass.

So you can read my comments as some sort of review.
I recorded and mixed an album recently with the DBM50, they have tremendous bass and subs, much more than my Adams P11.