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Old 20th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
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Actually, the balance of my work for the past 6 years had been pro-bono with no budgets or any resources apart from what I or the other people I'm working with bring to the table. In this case, I don't have the luxury of delegating stuff and instead, work at my own pace. As the saying goes- good, fast and cheap; you can only pick two.

I'm interested in approaching the process from a much different perspective now and this has caused me to look at how resources (or lack thereof) can affect work/workflow in many different ways. Unfortunately, resources, or lack thereof really dictate how recordings are made and in many cases, how good they ultimately are. In some ways, having a little budget is worse than having no money at all because where any money is concerned, you're still on a timetable, whereas when there is no money, everyone is in it for the love of the project (and it is a massive sacrifice to work this way, so it must be a great deal of love).

As far as employees- they must still be on top of what they're doing whether or not they are on a paying gig or not. This is for their benefit, as well as that of the project. With no money, I can't really afford to hire people unless they have the same passion for the project as I do- therefore, my ability to delegate roles is somewhat hindered. This does make things more insular, but it also ensures that there are no mercenaries in the pack.