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Old 20th March 2013
Michael Beinhorn
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It's fairly easy to tell if a drummer won't cut it on a recording session, it sometimes takes awhile for the truth to set in or for the timing to be right that the issue must be addressed.

I've always tried to be diplomatic- especially when I knew the drummer being replaced was beyond hope and wasn't going to rise to the occasion. The only time I was ever heavy handed was with a drummer who was absolutely superlative and wasn't pulling his weight. He not only rise to the task- he excelled.

I always take into account the fact I'm dealing with another human being who has feelings. I may have a job to make a great record, but they are going to have to live with the shame and humiliation of the decision to relieve them. For this reason, I attempt to handle the situation with compassion by recognizing my responsibility but also putting myself in their shoes. Additionally, for this reason, the decision to relieve the drummer must be made with the rest of the band and cannot be handled independently of them. This is nothing more than a power play and can cause the people you're working with to be uncomfortable around you, rather than respect you.

I can't say how often replacement musicians need to be brought in, but it's always a relief to know they are around to bail out a session in need.