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Michael Beinhorn
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This has been fun- thanks.

Drummers are vital to a recording, hence a really good drummer is important and a great one is indispensable. For reasons of practicality, consistency (and good vibes) I prefer to work with a band drummer, however if they are incompetent (as is sometimes the case), they generally must be replaced. I feel that editing a poor drummer is like polishing a turd and even if you have a performance which is metrically in time because it was rescued by a computer, you have something which is lacking in character and emotion and sets the tone for whatever you record on top of it.

The replacement drummers I've worked with are generally more "band guys" (like Jack Irons or Deen Castronovo) and less professional session players. These drummers play stylistically appropriately for the session, understand the politics of a band and are sensitive to the other personalities in the situation- especially that of the drummer they are replacing. I haven't had the pleasure of working with any of the drummers you mentioned, except Vinnie- he was amazing, but in and out so fast, I barely got a chance to say hello.