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It depends entriely on your experience and what you want to play.

Fully wieghted keyboards are aimed at those who feel comfortable using a proper piano, and have practiced and trained on a 'real keyboard'. To reach the level of hand 'gymnastics' to play the classical reptoire, or maybe Jazz, some weight is necessary for the fingers and hands to work against.

Note however that what this wieght is, has changed over time and people debate how much is actually needed - Beethovens pianos for example would have been much lighter than todays concert grands. Even Lizst prefered a light touch apparently.

If you are not used to it, and are not really interested in playing or practicing to a certain level, full weight can feel like each finger needs to throw a brick. However, even if you just want to play pop, or funky basslines, no wieght at all can feel a bit odd to some people and can feel a bit 'slippy' with nothing to dig into.

So, personally for me semi-weighted is enough since thats great for pop or improvising - and it works well if you are using velocity responsive synth patches. Also, it wont stop me from playing Bach say, but since I'm not a grade 8 pianist, and am not interested in training up to a certain complexity, and I am not playing in a band night after night, I dont like or need the full wieght.

Just depends on taste, though I would recomed some wieght, medium to anyone who like to play a bit, or is competent enough to be doing song writing etc - it does help with expression I think to have a firmer keboard. Some of the later synths like the DX7 or JX8P or D50 got it about right I think with an action that feels substantial but responsive to play. Its a shame this is not longer the default.