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Cool Pic,....!!!

You're holding the last letter I wrote by hand. Weird,... I write little stuff like grocery lists a few times a week but everything else I do with my PC-Keyboard.

That really is months and months ago,..

Very funny to see the Heineken CD holder show up on this forum. Do you still use it?

Love Booshy(Boes) and Family

My pal, my friend. Glad to have you here.

People of the Gearslutz... This guy Boosh, is the fantastic guy who gave me the Heineken CD holder box,(In that photo...) that I absolutely treasure!!! He has also sent me letters that I also treasure....

He is an excellent guitar player and composer and he has a TRUE home studio!!!

But do you know what I like best about my old pal Booshi-Wooshi... HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES MUSIC. BOOSH GOES DAILY BY MY MOTTO "MUSIC FIRST!" (Except for his beautiful little family! I can tell that Booshes family is "Really First" in his life.... And that's the way it should be...)

Bruce Swedien