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Old 19th September 2006
I modified a Tascam MX when they came out. I was considering buying one. That ended quickly. It had problems. It sounded poor, even with good converters and great analog. It even sounded weak running through external converters, something was amiss in the playback. Good luck with the vaporware X-48.

So I got the Alesis. The converters were OK, not stellar. Still, it was better than the ADAT's by far. I installed the EC-2 kit when it was released. It uses AKM4393 dacs and 5393 adc's, same adc's as the Radar 96, same as the Masterlink. The analog and power supply were reworked as well. It's a great sounding machine. I ran it against Roger Cain's Radar 96 and I liked the alesis better, it had better transients and a deeper bass response. I'm enjoying the $11k I saved. Feed it with first rate converters like the Crystal 5381 adc or the amazing BB pcm1792 and it's top notch. Since I record accomplished players that need no computer hand holding, it's all I need to accent all that hard wired outboard gear. DAW's are for the rest, I still record like it's 1970.

Jim Williams
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