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HD24, My use....a bit off topic!

I bought an HD24 a few months ago as a backup to my DAW system. It has worked out very well for me, but as more than just a backup. I record live gigs thru my Metric Halo 2882's and HD24 at the same time with a Yamaha 01V96(if I'm mixing the live sound too) and the combination has provided excellent flexibility.
Example: I'm touring with a group right now using the 01V96, Metric Halos, HD24, Hearback monitor system, and 24 channels Presonus Digimax 96k, mostly digital interconnect. Nothing really new as far as technology goes. So... I have a bit of daisy chaining with Lightpipe connecting all the gear, in addition to some analog(won't bore you with the details, unless someone asks). I record the show while mixing live, the recorded tracks are straight off the pre's. Next day at pre-soundcheck, I hit play on the HD24 and play the tracks though the 01V96 into the PA system, of course there is the lack of stage sound from the players,(most instruments are direct anyway) but it saves time before the "real" soundcheck(my time versus my time and 5 musicians waiting while I eq things). This has all been done before by other engineers, but it is really cool and very valuable to me as now I have the technology to do it.
On some live gigs where the budget is not so great for my services, I record the same way(with or without the 01V96), and then rent the HD24 by the week or day to the group to mix the tracks though their own analog console(they do not have a DAW system). They don't want to pay for my mixdown time, but they want a live recording.
So, by using the HD24 in combo with my Metric Halos and 01V96, I have three ways to mix, if needed and each serves a different purpose.
#1 HD24 through 01V96.
#2 Tracks played through Metric Halo mix engine.
#3 And most powerful, tracks imported into DP to mix.
A bit of a tangent here, but just some examples of what is possible using the HD24 and other methods of recording and mixdown. I might get some flames here, but I hope what I offer may inspire others to think OTB or ITB>