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Old 14th March 2013
Here for the gear
Wow... thanks Michael for the info.

Did you say Matt tracked 'Black hole sun' without references? I'm a big fan of this technique, it allows the drummer to play with better groove.

Although there's another general topic about 'Superunknown', a couple of questions dropped here with the permission of 'keap':

I know you said that '4th of July' didn't slow down or 'vari-speed' at all, but, what about 'Black hole sun'?? It's 1/4 up in tunning, and it seems a little forced in tempo.

And, what an awesome kickdrum (better!!... bassdrum) in 'Fell on black days', it's by far my favorite drums recording. Did Matt record the bassdrum with the resonant head on and without the hole, and more importantly, without muffling?

Another topic is the helium-like voice in the song 'Half'... I read somewhere that effectively, it's helium in the chain.

Sorry for my english. And thanks for supporting.