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Old 14th March 2013

It's funny how much of a frustrating, pedantic and marginally magical [!] adventure it can be to try to attain "pro" sounding masters as a HOBBY!

My first truly good sounding song was mainly thanks to demos of Fabfilter products [mainly pro-Q and pro-L] that have, sadly sadly sadly [Waaaah! :(] expired. Actually, also Flux Solera II, which never expires. They basically let you use it forever with only a few unnecessary features missing. These 3 plug-ins have totally introduced me to the possibility of making a pro-sounding master all on my own. Before this I used Ozone 4. All my mixes, while sounding good, had this metallic, plastic, brittle quality. I find that Ozone does this to everything. I have finally found that thick, delicious quality I've been missing - and it turns out it costs hundreds of dollars [proQ and proL together would run me over 400. But they really do sound great!!!]

I got the demo of Flux pure limiter. From what I've read pro-L might be better, but seeing as I'm broke, the former would be nice. Sadly I've re-installed it several times but Logic won't detect it. No idea what's going wrong.