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Old 14th March 2013
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What amp should I add for recording?

I've got a Mini Rectifier and the Mesa TA-15 at home. I'm at a point where I'm recording a lot of different kinds of stuff, and looking for suggestions as to what might be a good addition for recording. A few notes:

I won't be able to crank anything super loud. As it is right now the 5 watt setting on the TA-15 is more than loud enough. So, I'd prefer lower wattage amps, unless the high wattage amps still sound good at lower volumes. This amp won't ever need to be used live on a stage.

I've got a couple of speaker cabs, with a V30 and MC90, so I'm not necessarily looking for combo amps, but would consider it if they added something to the mix.

I'm not opposed to selling the TA-15 if there's something else that does a good clean/slight breakup/marshally overdrive. This would increase my budget, but right now the budget isn't set, so I'm open to all options.

I'm also not opposed to getting a pedal to use into a clean amp, if it's going to give me some special mojo. I've got the line6 M13, a tube screamer, and a few other random pedals, so I'm not looking for FX pedals, more along the lines of an "amp in a pedal".

So, I'd love to hear any suggestions for an amp that really sounds great and will add something special to my studio.