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Old 12th March 2013
Here for the gear

I was totally wrong about studio one. There really was no mixdown issue. It was an acoustic problem. What i thought i was hearing was not the true sound. After moving my workstation from room to room wall to wall, i found that the mixdown was better and better. Until now i realize that i owe my fellow members an update and the truth. Studio one is awesome, but my mix was like crap.
But now its music to ears. Rule one treat room before going out to buy all this gear, and you my find out you don't need compression or better monitors or microphone. Again, i make rap/hip hop, so acoustics is a must when mastering bass, and getting the true sound.
It sounds really good now, i learned how to mix with next to no acoustics only( bed liner-egg foam), i will get fiber acoustic for wall and the ceiling in center of room. This is where i hear most of the bass, and like 3 corners i hear bass build up so i will get bass traps for those 3 corners. I'm using the 38% rule. Is that good? I have a patio window, i thought of using theatre cutains, any suggestions? I still think studio one videos are misleading, seeing most are for pro and none for artist.

I will have some videos up soon for those composing and mastering strictly in studio one artist or using fl studio to compose and studio one artist for vocals and mastering, going into what filters work effectively for bass, automated filters, flanger, old radio effect for distortion, over compression in studio one, tracking out in fl studio and EQing making mp3 files in fl studio after mastering in studio one from documents. how to get all music files together, for both daws. drag and drop(importing is history) optimizing your pc for studio one\ artist, ill probably buy pro just to have it, as well as pro tools just to have it. one more thing, you do have enough effects in s1-artist to master, they make you think you can't master in s-1 artist.

i mean compression is compression, reverb is reverb, a gate is a gate, but not only one but hundreds of these effects in artist, you have to play with your new toy, boys and girls, a he-he, i did shot out to presonus

I will update soon on treatment, again sorry about the false report.