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Old 12th March 2013
Here for the gear

no numbers reading out. its not peaking and all tracks have no effects on them, neither does the main out. s1 still sounds muddy, even with all track levels brought down to -6db - -12 db sounds like garbage. fl studio 10 sounds great.
good wav file. funny thing its a demo, but studio one is artist full version and no matter what it sounds horrible. um thinking alesis 8 multimix 8 2.0 usb or 3.0 it comes with cubase. i make hip hop, studio one artist makes me not want studio one pro. imagine spending all that cash for a dumb down pro tools, i rather just get pro tools. presonus 22 vsl sucks, lo i/o. fl studio is not good for vocals or mastering but excelent to make a beat and send it in pro tools or cubase. but when i drag and drop in studio one it sounds good until you get the wav file. wavs sound better than mp3, so i dont want to convert it. i put no effects on the tracks send it in pro tools sounds fine but studio one artist garbage. again BEWARE OF STUDIO ONE ARTIST 2 IT's some BS. IF PRO IS GOOD, I HAVE KNOW CLUE,no videos proving what they say. they mention the 22 vsl and studio one but have it hooked up to 30 different things to get the sound. all videos from presonus is fake. there is not one video showing proof. with only a pc the interface and monitors. its always with mixers and all kinda crap except what your buying. they have already mixed music on all the commercials, using other devices connected to it. but fl studio and pt people have proof. s1 is a joke. BUT I DO KNOW PRO TOOLS HAS WHAT IT TAKES FOR A PROFESSIONAL SOUND. all hip hoppers are making beats in different daws, and throwing it in pro tools and its a hit but s1 artist is no comparison to pro tools. protools demo wavs are excellent, in media player, in cd player, and whatever player. s1 sucks on every play back engine