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The Tascam is the better option. The simple reason is sound quality. I own one and use it for it's convertors. I have a DAW system that the Tascam is the front end for. I originally bought it to have extra tracks when I was doing more pop stuff but these days I am doing more roots rock and the Tascam gives me great tones that are thick, smooth and very natural.

It's convertors are an improvement over the Apogee AD8000 that I have. I find that when I hit them hard (by accident) they give a nice crunchy tone on drums and bass. The digital clipping sounds much better than the other convertors I have heard, including the Alesis and Mackie equivalent 24 track hard disk units. I auditioned all three of these before purchasing and for recording live instruments with mics, the Tascan blew the Alesis and the Mackie away which both sounded hard and sterile to me. Also the Tascam offers much more advanced editing for comping takes if you aren't going to have a DAW.

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Also, I am quite lucky in my recording position. It is my way or the hi-way. I believe in pre-production. A new word for a lot of young artist. I'll teach it to them if their willing to learn about it. I'm not giving in to the time stretches, bass drum cutting and vocal pitch shifting. I'll leave that to button pushers and keyboard players. That's not a job for acusonic captors and artists.

I think you are very wrong in assuming that young people who record music don't have an understanding of pre-production and the troubles that modern technology create. Young people these days are very well informed and know most of the things that guys my age didn't know until they were into their 40's.

It sounds like an attitude that you have developed based on your limited experience with young people today. It's called practice and objective listening. Many younger musicians that I have worked with are incredibly self critical, gifted at editing their own work and making something more cohesive out of it when they want to.

Also, if you are a are a button pusher so get off your high horse!