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My HD24 has never crashed. Can't say that about my DAW. Resale value of the HD24 would probably be better than trying to resell a DAW package. That said, I use the HD24 to track bands, with a real mixer (4 seperate headphone mixes - try doing that with a comparably priced DAW package) and then transfer via lightpipe into the DAW to overdub and mix. Can't imagine working strictly on the HD24, since it would be exactly like working on an analog 24 track, and everybody knows you can't make records that way.
Gregg - if you see a HD24 for sale for 1/10 it's street price (that would be about $150) let me know.

I agree. The HD24 has a couple of great uses, tracking bands the old fashioned way, and live recording (especially concerts). It does both well, rearly crashing and burning. I am sure the Mackie works well also, although I have no personal experience with it. The HD24 files can be quickly sent via firewire to your DAW of choice for further mangling.