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I hear ya. I went all out and bought a bunch of GIK 242 w/scatter plates, 244's and Monster Bass Traps w/scatter plates. They are all hung by nails but the 244 cloud is suspended(4") with wire from 1"x2"x2' boards crossing studs in the ceiling.. Anyways, before i had the guts to hang a 244, i was gonna order from a different place that sold 2"x2'x4' auralex type panels that were mostly fabric and core insulation. They are rigid and sturdy, but most importantly they are lightweight due to no wood frame. I suspect you could use super sticky double sided tape or velcro(so you can try different setups). You won't have the space, but maybe you could get creative with some solid foam strips and make a hollow frame to suspend/make an air pocket and just use tape for it all..I know you said that you already have materials, but this would probably be a neater solution. i think the place was called Acoustimac?
I'm jealous of your GIK treatment! I would love to have ordered from them but could not wait to save up for the good stuff, And at about 200$ for 10 traps its just hard to pass up. I like this idea about the foam strips to make it lighter, maybe that will be my next project. Kinda nervous about suspending a cloud on my ceiling with tape though, probably just put a couple hangers in the studs above and take them down when the renter stops by. ("Come onn whats a couple ceiling holes for a bad ass cloud?")
So if I plan on making these, would I want just 2 jumbos over the monitors? I'd love one over the kit.
Also you think it will be a noticeable difference for mixing?