thread: KRK or Fostex?
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Old 2nd March 2013
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KRK Rokits vs. VXT = night and day difference.

Even if a KRK rep chimed in saying you won't be disappointed, I have to disagree, you will be, perhaps not in the beginning, but give it time.
There are so many things you can cut corners on, especially if you're a beginner on a budget, but monitors, imo, is not one of them.
Not to translate into going way above your budget, just that the Rokits will have you wanting a better pair in no time, they're just so mediocre.
Go to any Guitar Center and listen to those two back to back with your favorite cd, you'll hear it right away.
One will make you frown, the other will make you smile.

VXT or nothing if you go KRK.