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What a passionate and entertaining post, and set of stories.

Ive always been a fan of Bill Putnams. A real genious. IT makes me really happy that his sons and all the great folks have resurrected UREI, essentially, bringing that company to a level of quality and success that I know Bill would have been so proud of. Great company!... again.

When I was in college, I played in the jazz band. I was only in it for a year but to me, by far the best song we did was a Quincy Arrangement. I dont remember what song it was. It just WORKED. Even with the musicians you find in college, the chord structure, horn arrangements, and power just excited me. Id bet that every other musician in the band felt the same. That was the song I looked forward to playing the most in concerts. Now when I catch Mad TV, the theme show song makes me smile, and I just Marvel at Quincy's ability to absorb new sounds, styles, and songs into his musical personality. That theme show song rocks! Such a versatile genius.

You and your wife are very lucky. To find someone who you are even 70% compatable with is hard. Sounds like you and yours are batting close to 100.

Thanks for sharing your major influences in such an inspiring style and with such fascinating stories.