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I saw and heard this console tonight and was impressed. Anybody using this? Would like to know what you think. Didn't have a chance to actually hear the effects, EQ, or compression. Just ran some pre-recorded stuff through with qsc arrays. I have a feeling that this might be just above the sound quality of the Presonus Studio live series boards, and I really like the feel and functionality...almost sold!

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Giving my feedback..

Desk is well and solid built, all the main features can be easily accessed from the desk and the three-pages, four encoder/eight button is a great plus, allowing you (for example) to keep all dynamics control on the board.

Dynamics are pretty standard, EQ is great offering LO CUT + 6 bands!!
Also the FX section is fine, offering 8 slots that can be used mono or stereo, as an aux (for example reverb or delay) or insert (for example GEQ) and all parameters can be assigned to the encoder... G/Monitor EQ is avaible on the DCA faders.

Standing on my test, there's a little bit of HUM on the inputs of the mixer. Listening to a classical record and comparing with another desk (like PM5D) the noise is clearly audible.

They made a little mess with the routing.. it's OK, but could be easier and more flexible with a simple A/B matrix instead of this configuration (you can route only groups of 8 channels).

Also linking features are a bit limited (you can only link adiacent channel with ODD-EVEN system), but DCA do their job.

Snake boards are also well built and quite easy to use..