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Been recording for a loooooong time.. but never been very technical … maybe that much is obvious by my posts …

It could be that I’m misunderstanding this mismatch … I completely understand the history of -10 db and + 4db … but I know that generally input/output mismatches can cause changes in frequency response as well as level changes in studio equipment … I was just wondering if the same applies with sound card -10 db/ + 4db mismatches....

Perhaps i'm just missing something ...
If equipment is working correctly, level mismatches will have no frequency response effect, unless it's gross input distortion.

If you're talking about impedance matching, then, yes, that can have effects on frequency response, but that's more important for something like a microphone, which operates at a very low level.

+4 and -10 equipment can have different input and output impedances, but, in this case... I don't want to say it's not important, it's not the most important thing. If you were driving a mile of cable, then there might be cause for concern, but I doubt that's the case.

If anyone who's reading this is in any form of organized education, take a physics course while you have the opportunity. Or read any of the standard books on the subject - Sound System Engineering, you can get the US Navy electronics texts online, there's lots of resources out there.

Removing any possible temptation to engage in magical thinking, much less removing a source of confusion, really makes life a lot easier.

EDIT: I just realized I said pretty much the same thing earlier in the thread, but it's worth saying again. Everyone can learn this stuff. And if you can, you should.