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Old 22nd February 2013
Here for the gear

Ancient History?

Those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it. When it was introduced , the 840EX listed for $1100. Now they go for about $60 on ebay. DON'T BUY NEW!

Both the Roland VSR-880 and the VS-890 are far from obsolete. IMHO, the rest of the VS line is crap and were when then were introduced. Try pricing a new portable eight track recorder. Yes, I know, computers offer endless amounts of tracks but some of us feel computers inhibit the creative flow.

I recently purchased an VSR-880 as well as a card reader and I am interested in finding out which cards and how large (GB) the VSR880 will take.

I would also like some opinions on the VS8F-2 card. Is it worth installing in the VSR-880 or would it be better to get modern effects? I am trying to ease the load on my CPU by using hardware where I can.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.